Top Performing Managers of Market Neutral (SA Only), 3rd Quarter 2017

Market Neutral (SA Only)1 year gross return1 year net return
Copeland Risk Managed Dividend Growth14.5513.37
Convergence Market Neutral10.759.61
PanAgora Dynamic Global Market Neutral9.746.48
Swan Defined Risk Strategy9.328.84
Invesco (IVZ) US Market Neutral Equity7.537.53
Constantia Merger-Arbitrage6.996.36
Research Market Neutral6.105.05
GAM Absolute Return Bond Strategy5.785.20
SSI Convertible Income5.574.57
Constantia Equity Market Neutral4.553.72
Market Neutral (SA Only)5 year gross return5 year net return
Copeland Risk Managed Dividend Growth10.779.66
PanAgora Dynamic Global Market Neutral7.505.76
Swan Defined Risk Strategy7.066.51
Constantia Merger-Arbitrage6.265.72
Cognios Market Neutral Large Cap Value3.632.18
Martingale Equity Market Neutral3.612.58
Invesco US Market Neutral Equity3.463.36
SSI Convertible Income3.462.46
Numeric Investors US Market Neutral3.112.08
American Century US Discp Eq Mkt Neutral2.591.08

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