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Uncharted territory

Navigating Brexit: Investor guide aims to answer private equity questions

Michael Collins said some legalities could change after Brexit.

Wondering how Brexit will affect your private equity dealings? Invest Europe is here to help.

The European private capital association has launched new resources to help firms understand the potential impact of and options for decision-making related to the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union.

In October, the Brussels-based association released its fully updated Q&A publication titled "BREXIT: Technical and legal implications for private equity and venture capital."

Invest Europe published the member-only guide in April 2016 — ahead of the vote. "We started trying to sensitize our members to the possible implications of Brexit even before the vote last year," said Michael Collins, CEO. "We are now starting to help members think about the implications for their business."

Updates include how to relocate operations; how EU-based investors can continue to commit capital to U.K. funds; and guidance for managers based outside of the U.K. who want to continue to invest in British portfolio companies.

Invest Europe has also launched a series of webinars, providing insight into various EU jurisdiction options for relocating or setting up new private equity funds. "What has ... become apparent over the last three to four months is that there is now a very real possibility that some of the EU legal regimes under which our members are operating may no longer be valid after March 2019," Mr. Collins said.

As more clarity on a Brexit deal between the EU and the U.K. comes along, Invest Europe will continue to provide guidance to its members on the issues they should be thinking about, he added. Further information is available on the association's Brexit-dedicated webpage.