The largest hedge fund managers by regulatory assets

Ranked by assets reported in SEC ADV filings, in millions, as of Dec. 31, 2017.
RankManagerADV Part 5 regulatory
ADV Part 5 regulatory discretionary assetsADV Part 2A discretionary assets
1Balyasny Asset Mgmt.$75,056$75,056$12,700
2Moore Capital Mgmt.$53,824$53,824$13,320
3Tudor Investment$39,662$39,662$39,662
4Mariner Investment Group$38,321$38,321$5,400
5Lansdowne Partners3$33,728$33,728$19,086
6Lone Pine Capital $33,157$33,157$25,250
7Discovery Capital Mgmt.$33,072$33,072$33,072
8Brigade Capital Mgmt.$19,731$19,731$19,783
9Caxton Associates$19,427$19,427$19,427
10ValueAct Capital Mgmt.3$17,581$17,581$17,581
11Maverick Capital$15,922$15,922$15,922
12Baker Brothers Investments3$15,645$15,645$15,645
13Coatue Management$13,755$13,755$10,249
14Varde Management$13,541$13,541N/A
15OxFORD Asset Mgmt.3$13,042$13,042$4,110
16Trian Fund Mgmt.$12,478$12,478$11,666
17 Paulson & Co.1$12,443$12,443$12,443
18Blue Ridge Capital$12,410$12,410$6,946
19Silver Point Capital$12,345$12,345$9,200
20Polar Capital4$11,945$11,945$11,600
21Scopia Capital Mgmt.$11,370$11,370$11,370
22Whitebox Advisors2$8,863$8,863$8,863
23JANA Partners$8,500$8,500$8,500
24Black Diamond Capital Mgmt.$8,043$8,043$8,043
25Systematica Investments$8,037$8,037$8,082
26MSD Partners$7,436$7,436$7,436
27Odey Asset Mgmt.5$6,932$6,932$6,000
28Starboard Value$6,339$6,339$5,300
29Convexity Capital Mgmt.$5,829$5,829$4,300
30Wexford Asset Mgmt.$4,863$4,863$2,800
31Quantitative Investment Mgmt.$4,310$4,310$669
32Passport Capital2$4,296$4,296$2,556
33QVT Financial$4,268$4,268$2,473
34Aurelius Capital$4,254$4,254$4,254
35Hitchwood Capital Mgmt.$3,822$3,822$3,096
36Mason Capital Mgmt.$3,508$3,508$3,508
37Greywolf Capital Mgmt.1$3,507$3,470$3,470
38Hoplite Capital Mgmt.$3,360$3,360$2,282
39Providence Investment Mgmt.3$3,083$3,083$609
40P. Schoenfeld Asset Mgmt.$2,573$2,573$2,000
41New Providence Asset Mgmt.$2,417$2,268$2,300
42Conatus Capital Mgmt.$2,407$2,407$1,883
43SECOR Capital Advisors$2,310$2,310$2,310
44Impala Asset Mgmt.$2,301$2,301$2,301
45Columbus Hill Capital Mgmt.1$2,114$2,114$1,861
46Tremblant Capital$2,062$2,062$2,062
47Blue Rock Advisors$1,973$1,973$1,122
48New Mountain Vantage$1,968$1,968$1,938
49Hollis Park Partners$1,787$1,787$1,787
50Tide Point Capital$1,604$1,543$1,543
51Serengeti Asset Mgmt.$1,546$1,514$1,514
52Marcato Capital Mgmt.$1,385$1,385$1,385
53Light Street Capital Mgmt.$1,205$1,205$773
Notes: 1 Data as of Jan. 1, 2017. 2 Data as of Jan. 31, 2017. 3 Data as of Feb. 28, 2017. 4 Data as of March 31, 2017. 5 Data as of June 30, 2017.
Source: SEC ADV Investment Advisor Disclosure filings. ADV Part 5 provides information about the money manager, including regulatory assets, which may include leverage on hedge fund assets and non-hedge fund strategies. ADV Part 2A includes more detailed information about the firm, its strategies, fees, legal structure and assets under management. Managers are permitted to provide regulatory assets or assets under management, not including leverage in its "brochure" in part 2A. Managers are not required to provide net assets under management.