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Endowments and Foundations

Ohio State University’s long-term investment pool gains 14.46%

Ohio State University’s long-term investment pool returned a net 14.46% in the fiscal year ended June 30, said Rob Messinger, director of communications of the university’s business and finance office, in an email.

The return well exceeded the total pool’s 11.93% benchmark. Among asset classes, global equities returned a net 19.65% for the year ended June 30, 23 basis points above its benchmark, real assets returned a net 15.44%, above its 6.88% benchmark, and global fixed income returned a net 4.51%, above its -0.31% benchmark.

The investment pool returned an annualized net 4.69% and 7.95%, respectively, for the three and five years ended June 30. The pool posted a net -3.43% return for the year ended June 30, 2016.

“Ohio State’s investment strategy produced strong results in all major asset classes in fiscal 2017, surpassing our benchmarks in global equities, fixed income and real estate. The continued growth of our long-term investment pool supports Ohio State’s commitment to access, affordability and excellence,” said John Lane, chief investment officer, in a statement emailed by Mr. Messinger.

As of June 30, the actual allocation was 60.3% global equities, 30.1% global fixed income and 9.6% real assets.

Within global equities, allocations were 42% of the whole investment portfolio to long-only equities, 10% buyout/growth private equity, 6.6% natural resources, 1.3% long/short equities, 0.3% venture capital and 0.1% liquidating assets.

Within global fixed income, allocations were 19.7% absolute return, 7% fixed income, 3.2% private credit and 0.2% liquidating credits.

Real assets was made up of 5.9% real estate and 3.7% infrastructure.

The Columbus-based university’s long-term investment pool has about $4.2 billion in assets, which includes more than $2.3 billion in endowment assets.

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