Searches and Hires

Anaheim looking for record keeper for city’s DC plans

Anaheim, Calif., is searching for a record keeper for three defined contribution plans, said Rasch Cousineau, senior consultant at Hyas Group, investment consultant for the plans, in an email.

The city issued an RFP because the contract with current record keeper ICMA-RC expires in June 2018; the firm is invited to rebid, Mr. Cousineau said. The plans are a $275 million 457 plan, $5 million 3121 plan, and a 401(a) plan that has less than $1 million in assets. The record keeper would also provide services for a $57 million retiree health savings plan.

Proposals are due on Oct. 5. Finalist interviews are scheduled for Dec. 12, with a decision expected shortly thereafter.

The RFP can be obtained by emailing Mr. Cousineau.