Winton CIO officially departs, plans to launch new firm

Matthew Beddall left Winton Group on Aug. 24, said a spokesman.

Mr. Beddell was absent from the firm for the last 12 months during which he was on sabbatical in the U.S.

Prior to the sabbatical he was Winton's chief investment officer. Mr. Beddell will be launching a new hedge fund firm, in which Winton plans to take a stake "in due course," said a news release. The new firm is called Havelock London, according to the U.K. companies register.

Mr. Beddell's responsibilities were divided between Winton's staff — Jonathan Duke, chief risk officer; Carsten Schmitz, head of investment strategy; and Nick Saunders, chief operating officer. Winton is not proposing to replace Mr. Beddell on its board, said the release.

Winton has $30 billion in assets under management.