Top Performing Managers of Global Fixed Income, 2nd Quarter 2017

Global Fixed Income 1 year gross return1 year net return
Templeton Global Multisector Plus Comp13.2212.72
Templeton Global Bond Plus Composite10.8710.38
Newfleet Global Multi-Sector Income Comp11.109.61
Stone Harbor Glbl High Yield Comp 70/309.949.57
Templeton International Bond Plus Comp10.039.55
Stone Harbor Global High Yield 50/509.469.10
Western Asset Mgt Glbl Multi Sector9.378.94
Brandywine Global Opportunistic Tot Ret9.428.63
Muzinich & Co., Glbl High Yld8.928.38
Brandywine Global Unconstrained F/I8.597.81

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