Top Performing Managers of Long-Short Equity, 2nd Quarter 2017

Long-Short Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Calamos Phineus Long/Short Composite29.9928.39
Blackrock (BLK) Alpha Advantage 50021.1921.19
BlackRock Alpha Advantage 500 Composite21.1921.19
QMA US Core Equity Extended20.2819.51
BP Emerging Markets L/S Equity20.5218.30
Epoch Global Absolute Return17.8716.58
PVG Dynamic Core ETF17.2816.18
Global Low Volatility (SM)16.0814.96
Confluence IDEA - Plus15.2513.34
River Road Long-Short Equity14.3413.20
Long-Short Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
QMA US Core Equity Extended17.3216.56
Blackrock Alpha Advantage 50015.9415.94
BlackRock Alpha Advantage 500 Composite15.9415.94
Calamos Phineus Long/Short Composite13.3711.77
Confluence IDEA - Plus12.9511.31
WellsCap Analytic Global Long/Short Eq11.8011.28
Boston Partners Research Equity Comp10.078.71
Atlas 100/30 Long Short9.068.15
Epoch Global Absolute Return9.267.91
SP US Tactical BRI9.667.76

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