Top Performing Managers of U.S. Stock, 2nd Quarter 2017

U.S. Stock1 year gross return1 year net return
Schneider Capital Mgt Sm-Cap Val56.6554.92
ZPR Volume Value55.7953.26
Zevenbergen Z/Tech53.2851.96
Bares Capital Mgt Small-Cap50.9948.95
BNY Mellon EB DO Large Cap Core49.3848.08
Baron Discovery Strategy45.4344.37
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val47.1444.31
RS Technology Composite45.5344.10
Naylor & Company Core Composite46.2743.58
Kopp AccruHealth45.3643.57
U.S. Stock5 year gross return5 year net return
Zevenbergen Z/Tech26.2725.12
ZPR Volume Value25.0923.00
Naylor & Company Core Composite25.3122.71
LEIA CBI21.2421.24
Wellington Global Technology Opps21.6220.72
BMO Microcap Equity - Institutional - SA21.5620.34
Driehaus Micro Cap Growth21.4920.25
Towle & Co. Deep Value20.7119.86
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val21.6719.77
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth20.5019.49

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