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Pension Funds

InvestorForce universes post 2.7% net return in second quarter

The median second-quarter net return of MSCI's InvestorForce Plan universes was 2.7%. The median gross return in the second quarter was 2.8%.

Over the trailing one-year period, the net median plan return was 11.3%, while the gross median plan return was 11.4%. The net median returns over the three- and five-year periods were 4.2% and 7.8%, respectively.

Corporate pension plans led the universe subsets in the second quarter with a 3.4% return. Public pension plans were up 2.8% (net) during the second quarter. Defined benefit plans as a group were up 2.9% during the quarter. Public plans were up 11.8% in the year ended June 30, while corporate plans were up 10.3%.

Private and religious endowments and foundations also performed well among the subset universes with a 2.9% return. Private endowments and foundations gained 12.5% over the trailing one-year period and religious institutions were up 12.6%.

MSCI's InvestorForce Plan universes include more than 2,300 plans representing more than $3 trillion in assets.