Pension Funds

UN issues call for investments chief

United Nations, New York, is accepting nominations for candidates for assistant secretary general for the investment of the assets of the $59 billion United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, said Farham Haq, spokesman.

Carolyn Boykin now holds the position, which reports directly to the secretary general and has discretionary authority over the investments of the pension fund and "for the overall investment policy and for oversight and management of the investments of the fund," according to the posting on the United Nations website.

Mr. Haq said the opening of nominations is part of the normal operating procedures for the pension fund; Ms. Boykin, who has been in the role since 2014, is eligible to reapply.

Nominations are due on Aug. 28, and Mr. Haq said a decision will be made "as quickly as possible."

The posting is available on the United Nations' permanent missions website.