Top Performing Managers of Domestic Growth Equity, 1st Quarter 2017

Domestic Growth Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
GLOBALT Large Cap Opportunistic Growth17.16151.30
Granahan Inv Mgt - Sm Cap Focused Grth48.3647.42
Granahan SC Advantage44.0143.35
Baron Discovery Strategy43.5542.70
Bares Capital Mgt Small-Cap44.0542.10
Granahan Inv Mgt Small Cap Discoveries37.4836.87
1492 Small Cap Core Alpha36.8835.83
Cadence Capital Mgt Emerging Companies37.4135.74
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth36.6935.58
Champlain Small Cap Equity35.4634.32
Domestic Growth Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
GLOBALT Large Cap Opportunistic Growth11.2429.22
Naylor & Company Core Composite23.5520.92
BMO Microcap Equity - Institutional - SA19.8218.62
LEIA CBI17.5217.52
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth17.9316.91
Cookson Peirce All-Cap Equity MA17.4216.84
Brown Capital Small Company Service17.6516.58
Copeland Small Cap Dividend Growth17.3316.30
Cookson All-Cap Equity17.2616.11
Granahan Inv Mgt - Sm Cap Focused Grth16.6415.88

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