Top Performing Managers of Domestic Value Equity, 1st Quarter 2017

Domestic Value Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Towle & Co. Deep Value50.6949.66
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val46.5844.44
DePrince, Race & Zollo, Micro Cap Val41.4440.12
ZPR Volume Momentum41.9339.40
Shapiro Capital Mgt Enh Small Cap Value38.6337.35
Foundry Partners Micro Cap Value35.9134.64
Symons Concentrated Small Cap Value34.1834.18
CCP SMID Value35.0233.68
Pacific Ridge Capital Partners Sm Cp Val34.5033.20
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Val34.5333.19
Domestic Value Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
Towle & Co. Deep Value19.7118.88
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val20.4118.65
PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration18.8418.27
O'Shaughnessy Micro Cap19.2517.96
Cooke & Bieler Small Cap Value Equity18.4517.60
Brandes U.S. Small-Mid Cap Value Equity18.6117.52
Donald Smith & Co. Micro Cap Val Eq18.9117.51
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Val18.0216.86
TSW Mid-Cap Value17.3716.86
Alpha Quant Value Equity18.0916.80

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