Top Performing Managers of Global Equity, 1st Quarter 2017

Global Equity 1 year gross return1 year net return
Morgan Creek Direct Top 2028.2927.09
Harris Assoc. Global Concentrated Comp27.9126.94
ARGA Global Concentrated Strategy24.5224.02
ARGA Global Equity Strategy24.7223.50
Johnston Asset Mgt Corp. Global Equity24.0923.22
Pzena Global Focused Value23.5822.88
DLS Global Equity23.4822.50
Sophus Emerging Markets Equity23.4022.29
Johnston Global Equity Group Trust23.0322.28
Global Thematic Partners Equity22.1621.57
Global Equity 5 year gross return5 year net return
Morgan Stanley (MS) Global Opportunity16.2514.74
Thornburg Global Opportunities Sep Acct14.5513.68
Baillie Gifford Long Term Global Growth13.8113.01
Henry James International Select Equity14.4312.52
Navellier International Select14.4312.52
The Boston Global Focused Income Equity12.8312.05
MFS® Global Concentrated Eq12.9912.05
Rockefeller Global Equity12.0012.05
MayTech Global Growth Equity13.5212.05
Arrowstreet Capital Glbl Eq Strategy12.7312.03

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