Top Performing Managers of Leveraged Net Long (SA Only), 1st Quarter 2017

Leveraged Net Long (SA Only)5 year gross return5 year net return
Numeric Investors Amplified Core 130/3018.4417.28
Martingale Low Volatility Long/Short17.3716.50
Cornerstone US Equity Opportunities16.6315.94
Martingale 130/30 LargeCap Growth16.2115.36
AQR Capital US Relaxed Constraint 4015.9815.29
Martingale 130/30 LargeCap Core 50015.8214.96
Martingale 130/30 LargeCap Value15.6114.76
Glenmede Large Cap 130/3015.4314.58
UBS: US Equity Opportunity Unconstrained14.9414.80
JPMorgan Large Cap Core 130/3014.8613.95

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