Graphic: Trump’s first 100 days vs. strategists’ predictions

Five prominent industry strategists in December predicted economic and investment indicators for all of 2017. Here's how they have fared so far.
Donald G.M. Coxe
Coxe Advisors

Craig Mackenzie
Chief investment strategist, Aberdeen
Asset Management

Krishna Memani
CIO and head of fixed income, OppenheimerFunds and OFI Global Asset Management

James Paulsen
Chief investment
strategist, Wells
Capital Management

A. Gary Shilling
A. Gary Shilling
& Co.
Trump's first 100 days
Data are as of
April 28 unless otherwise
S&P 50012%4.4%8% or high single digits6%6%6.09%
MSCI EAFE1-12%5.5%8% or high single digits10%Negative8.26%
Emerging markets equities, broad index1--5.7%Low double digits15%Negative, worse than EAFE9.95%
Barclays Capital Aggregate index2-7%2.1%Flat2%--1.51%
Federal funds rate1%1.25%1.25%1.75%0.25%1.0%
10-year Treasury yield3.2%2.4%2.5%3.25%1%2.29%
U.S. consumer price index2.4%1.4%1.8% to 1.9%2.9%1%2.40%3
U.S. gross domestic product42.7%2.3%2.5%2.9%2%1.90%3
U.S. unemployment44.9%4.7%4.7%4.2%--4.67%3
Oil5$58$55$40 +/- $10$65$10 to $20$48.97
Euro80 cents96 centsParity$1.20Parity or lower$1.09
Pound sterling$1.15$1.20--$1.40$1.10$1.29
Yen6111120115 to 12995120$111.26
Gold$1,350$1,100Lower than current$1,375--$1,264.30
1 Total return, including dividends reinvested, in local currency; 2 Total return, including interest reinvested; 3 Through March 31; 4 Real, inflation adjusted; 5 Price per barrel, West Texas Intermediate crude; 6 Yen per dollar.