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Connecticut Retirement returns 13.43% for the year ended Jan. 31

Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds, Hartford, posted net returns of 13.43% for the year ended Jan. 31, said Denise L. Nappier, state treasurer and principal fiduciary for the $30.9 billion pension fund.

Net investment returns for the two largest funds, the Teachers’ Retirement Fund and the State Employees Retirement Fund, were 13.57% and 13.37%, respectively, above their actuarial return assumptions of 8% and 6.9%, respectively.

The best-performing asset classes for the CRPTF in aggregate were 26.14% for emerging markets equity and 21.44% for domestic equity. High-yield bonds and emerging markets debt posted net returns of 19.18% and 16.04%, respectively, for the year ended Jan. 31.

The worst-performing asset classes for the CRPTF in aggregate were 1.23% for cash, 2.05% for alternatives and 2.75% for core fixed income.

The overall asset allocation as of Jan. 31 was 22.8% equities, 19.4% developed markets equity, 9.7% private equity, 8.9% emerging markets equity, 7.7% core fixed income, 7% real estate, 6.1% alternatives, 5.5% high-yield bonds, 5.3% inflation-linked bonds, 4% emerging markets debt and 3.6% cash.