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$190 billion in green debt

Since 2010, $190 billion in green bonds and loans have been issued globally. China and supranational funds have led green bond and loan issuers since 2010 with $69.5 billion in total issues between them. Most Chinese issues were in 2016, when $31.1 billion was issued primarily by the country's industry-focused banks.

U.S. issues totaled $15.9 billion, $10.1 billion of which was issued in 2010. Apple issued the single largest U.S. green bond in February of 2016 with $1.5 billion in bonds to fund clean-energy projects in its global operations.

Supranational issues were led by the European Investment Bank, which has issued $18.4 billion since 2010; most of that amount is related to the bank's Climate Awareness Bond Program.