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Man Group’s AUM inches up in quarter, grows 2.8% for year

Man Group's assets under management grew 0.25% to $80.9 billion in the quarter ended Dec. 31, the firm said in its financial year-end statement released Wednesday.

Firmwide AUM increased 2.8% in the year ended Dec. 31.

As of Dec. 31, net outflows were $400 million, and investment gains were $2.9 billion in the quarter, offset by $2.4 billion in foreign-exchange losses, according to the financial report. For the year-long period, net inflows totaled $1.9 billion and investment gains were $3.2 billion, offset by $2.1 billion of FX losses.

Among Man Group's three alternative asset strategies in the quarter ended Dec. 31, hedge fund assets managed by AHL were down 3.7% to $18.3 billion; GLG's hedge fund AUM was up 0.38% to $26.7 billion; and assets managed by FRM in hedge funds of funds and other related strategies were flat at $12.8 billion, the company's report showed.

Man Numeric's assets rose 3.6% to $23.1 billion in its global, emerging markets and U.S. equity strategies, and its alternative investments, including hedge funds.