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Eversource to contribute $175 million to DB plans in 2017

Eversource Energy, Boston, expects to make contributions of $175 million to its employee pension plans in 2017, said its 10-K filed Thursday.

Of that total, $25 million and $2 million will be contributed by subsidiaries NSTAR Electric and CL&P, respectively. The remaining $148 million is expected to be contributed by other Eversource subsidiaries, primarily Eversource Service.

The company contributed $146.2 million to its plans in 2016.

The company had $4.08 billion in plan assets as of Dec. 31 and total benefit obligations of $5.24 billion, for a funding ratio of 77.9%, up from 76.9% the year before.

As of Dec. 31, the plans had 40% allocated to equities, 30% to fixed income, 12% to private equity, 10% to real estate and other assets, and 8% to hedge funds.

The discount rate was 4.01% at the end of 2016, down from 4.33% the year before.