Top Performing Managers of Domestic Balanced, 4th Quarter 2016

Domestic Balanced 1 year gross return1 year net return
AAM Credit Opportunities45.6243.75
HCM Dividend Income Growth28.6325.70
Hotchkis & Wiley - Capital Income22.4621.69
Hancock Horizon Dividend Income22.2721.31
ValueWorks Bal Comp22.7821.13
Camelot Premium Return20.7420.74
HCM Dividend Income Balanced24.5220.32
HCM Dividend Income Conservative21.6018.96
Clark Navigator MultiStrategy 50-50(SAI)18.9818.59
Shaker Financial Discount Capture20.0018.49
Domestic Balanced 5 year gross return5 year net return
Johnson Institutional Mgt Enhanced Index15.4415.15
FMT/Dodge & Cox Balanced R10.0012.97
Dodge & Cox Balanced Composite12.8812.86
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2045: IA0.0012.55
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2045: I0.0012.32
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2045: II0.0012.23
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2040: IA0.0012.17
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2045:III0.0012.05
Haverford Dividend Value13.0911.98
Putnam Retirement Advantage 2040: I0.0011.92

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