Top Performing Managers of International Equity, 4th Quarter 2016

International Equity 1 year gross return1 year net return
Kopernik Global All Cap53.1451.47
Latin American Equity36.5935.22
T. Rowe Price Latin America Equity32.6131.52
State St S&P Gbl LgMdCp NR Idx NL Cl A0.0031.01
Pictet Asset Mgt Eastern European Equity30.8029.77
Morgan Stanley (MS) Latin America Equity28.3427.88
Financial Trust Latin Value Momentum22.5621.07
ARGA International Equity Strategy17.1215.96
RevenueShares VTL ADR Index15.2314.66
Wellington Intl Contrarian Value15.5214.55
International Equity 5 year gross return5 year net return
Oberweis Intl Opportunities18.3017.17
Numeric Investors Europe Core17.7616.92
Dorsey Wright Sys Reltv Strength Intl18.4816.64
Expedition Intl Micro Cap Comp17.5315.98
OFI Global International Small-Mid Cap16.6715.67
DaiwaSB Japan Eq MidSm Cap GARP16.3015.50
Dalton Japan Long Only Composite16.3715.13
Boston Company Euroland Small Cap Equity16.1615.09
EAM International Small Cap15.4314.31
Baring International Small Cap Equity15.1114.17

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