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Senate Democrats unveil $1 trillion infrastructure plan

Senate Democrats unveiled an ambitious infrastructure plan Tuesday that calls for spending $1 trillion over the next 10 years on infrastructure projects ranging from roads and bridges to broadband.

The Democrats said the plan, called Blueprint to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure, would create 15 million jobs, but did not specify from where the funding would come.

Senate Democratic leader Charles Schumer of New York said in a statement that the proposal “is one of the most comprehensive overhaul proposals in a generation, and we’re challenging President Trump to work with us on this broad plan that will sustain our positive economic growth, create millions of jobs and build a modern economy.”

Highlights of the plan include investing $200 billion in roads and bridges, $110 billion in water and sewer projects, $75 billion in schools and $20 billion in broadband, plus a $200 billion “vital infrastructure fund” for critical transportation projects.

Mr. Trump has not yet unveiled his administration’s plan, but Elaine Chao, his nominee for secretary of transportation, said at a recent confirmation hearing that it would involve stimulating private-sector investment.

In a statement, the United Steelworkers union said: “Infrastructure may be one of the issues where Congress and the new administration can work together to do the people’s business. Democrats are on board, and the new president has made clear that infrastructure funding and strong domestic content provisions are a high priority.”