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NYSE to allow floor trading on all U.S. securities, ETPs

NYSE floor

New York Stock Exchange will allow floor trading in all U.S. securities and exchange-traded products, including those listed on Nasdaq and Bats Global Markets, under a proposal announced Wednesday.

Currently, NYSE floor trading can only be done on securities listed on its exchange or on NYSE MKT, which on Tuesday announced in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing it was ending floor trading on its exchange.

NYSE's other exchange, NYSE Arca, already allows trading in all U.S. securities, as does Nasdaq and Bats.

"Our plan to provide even greater access to trade U.S. securities is a positive move toward bolstering fair and transparent liquidity and offering even greater choice,” said Stacey Cunningham, NYSE chief operating officer, in a news release.

The plan requires SEC approval.

NYSE's three exchanges handle a combined 30% of U.S. trades by volume, according to data compiled by Bats. Bats' four exchanges trade a total of 21% of U.S. trades, while 16% is traded on Nasdaq's three exchanges.