PSP Investments adds senior director on principal debt and credit investments team

David Witkin was named senior director, principal debt and credit investments, Europe, at PSP Investments.

The position is new, a spokeswoman said. Mr. Witkin is the first hire by Oliver Duff, managing director, principal debt and credit investments (Europe), who joined PSP in September to open a private debt office in London. Mr. Witkin will report to Mr. Duff.

PSP Investments manages the combined C$116.8 billion ($88.2 billion) in assets of the Canadian public service, Canadian forces, reserve forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension funds.

PSP Investments began its private debt asset class, at 0.5% of total assets, in November 2015; since then, C$3.5 billion has been committed.

Mr. Witkin was a banker at Goldman Sachs Group (GS). A spokesman at Goldman Sachs couldn’t be immediately reached for details on Mr. Witkin’s replacement or his previous title.