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Fiduciary Investment Advisors

FIA employees, above, crowd up for a tasty afternoon treat from the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream truck.

Great group of employees with no egos that have a lot of fun — but always know clients come first

Second place, managers with 50 to 99 employees

A recent growth spurt at Fiduciary Investment Advisors LLC in Windsor, Conn., hasn't changed the firm's core strategies for engaging employees, clients and the community.

The firm, which made Pensions & Investments' Best Places to Work in Money Management list for the second year in a row, grew to 60 employees from 54 a year ago, but it has kept the programs that employees rave about. Those include a free staff lunch when a new client is added, flex time in the summer and an open-door policy with senior management.

FIA employees also spend a lot of time together outside of the office, whether it is social gatherings or forming a relay team for the annual Hartford marathon. “We do have lots of opportunities outside the office to get to know each other,” said President Mark Wetzel. “We add people, but everybody gets to know senior management.”

That has paid off for everyone, employees said in the Best Places survey. “The culture that has been assembled over the years is outstanding. We have a great group of individuals with no egos,” one employee said. “The organization values every single employee,” another said.

Clients are equally valued.

Mr. Wetzel is proud that the firm enjoys a great reputation in the marketplace as a fun place to work, “but that presupposes that clients come first,” Mr. Wetzel said. Each year, FIA focuses on 100% client retention, and in 2016 it came very close, at 99%.

The growth has allowed the firm to do even more for the community. In addition to an ongoing food drive, an employee committee chooses a service project each quarter, and once a year, the whole firm takes a day off for community service.

“It has always been our philosophy to give back to the community. Over time that really permeates through the firm,” Mr. Wetzel said.

This article originally appeared in the December 12, 2016 print issue as, "Fiduciary Investment Advisors".