The most institutional hedge funds-of-funds managers

Ranked by discretionary assets managed in hedge funds of funds and customized accounts for institutions worldwide, in millions, as of June 30, 2016.
RankManagerWorldwide assetsU.S. assets
1 Rock Creek Group 100.0%100.0%
2 Strategic Investment Group100.0%86.6%
3TeamCo Advisers100.0%100.0%
4Willis Towers Watson100.0%18.2%
5Pacific Alternative Asset Mgmt.99.5%94.4%
7Aetos Alternatives Mgmt.99.2%95.1%
8 Commonfund99.1%94.5%
9 K2 Advisors97.8%49.6%
10Private Advisers96.1%92.7%
11Mesirow Advanced Strategies95.5%39.0%
12 BlackRock (BLK)91.7%20.3%
13 Russell Investments91.6%21.3%
14 SEI Investments (SEIC) Mgmt.91.6%81.6%
15KKR Prisma 90.2%61.8%
16BNY Mellon88.6%21.5%
17ABS Investment Mgmt.88.0%73.0%
18Lyxor Asset Mgmt.87.4%58.9%
19Mariner Investment Group86.5%75.5%
20Man FRM Group82.8%24.3%
21Lighthouse Investment Partners81.9%53.0%
22 Mercer81.4%20.5%
25Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt.78.1%39.1%
Source: Pensions & Investments survey