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EBRI: Retirement savings gap stands at $4.13 trillion

The Employee Benefit Research Institute published updated figures Tuesday examining the retirement savings gap. They note that the aggregate national retirement savings gap is currently $4.13 trillion for all U.S. households, whose head of household is between 24 and 64 years old.

Among those closest to retirement, deficits vary from $19,304 for married couples to $62,734 for single women.

EBRI notes that the values “appear relatively small considering they represent the sum of present values that may include decades of deficits,” but that only half of the simulated models are considered to be “at risk of not having retirement income adequate to cover average expenses and uninsured health-care costs (including long-term-care costs) at age 65 or older.”

When considering only those that fall into the at-risk category, deficits among early baby boomers range from $71,299 for married couples to $104,821 for single women.