Top Performing Managers of Emerging Markets Fixed Income, 2nd Quarter 2014

Emerging Markets Fixed Income 1 year gross return1 year net return
GMO Emerging Country Debt Strategy17.9517.11
DCM Emerging Markets Debt15.9615.28
Pru Emg Mkt Debt CIT Inst Class14.1013.34
Prudential Fixed Inc Emerging Mkts Debt13.7713.13
FFTW EMD Hard Currency12.5911.98
Wellington Emerging Markets Debt12.5311.86
Goldman Sachs Emerging Market Debt12.1611.61
Logan Circle Emerging Markets Debt12.1011.53
Invesco (IVZ) Emerging Market Corporate Bond12.1911.47
Investec Emerging Market Corporate Debt12.2211.39

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