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Canaan Partners turns pun into fun

What do private equity executives do when their 27-year old firm is misunderstood? If the firm is Canaan Partners, you let it go to the dogs.

People were often confused by the firm's name. Some thought it was a biblical reference, others thought it had to do with canines.

One investor had joked with executives that Canaan is a religious dog fund, said Marta Bulaich, director of marketing, with a laugh.

So when the firm rebranded and updated its website, the dog-loving Canaan executives adopted the pun on the firm name.

They started posting a “Canaan K9” of the month. So far, all of the pups that have made the website have been canine “staff” of portfolio firms.

July's star is Clancy, WibiData's “Big Data Dog.” His “quote” on the Canaan website: “My bark is bigger than my byte.”

Canaan executives are not stopping there. The firm soon will be coming out with a “Canaan K9” calendar. Clancy, and previous pups of the month, can be found at canaan.com/canaan-k9.

When asked for a comment, Deepak Kamra, Canaan general partner and serious dog enthusiast, said, “Woof, woof ... who's a good boy!”

This article originally appeared in the July 21, 2014 print issue as, "Canaan Partners turns pun into fun".