Adams County Retirement Plan sets new target asset allocation

Adams County Retirement Plan, Brighton, Colo., approved several changes to its target asset allocation Tuesday, said Pamela Mathisen, executive director.

Investment consultant Watershed Investment Consultants recommended the changes over concern about whether the $225 million pension fund would meet its 7.5% annual assumed rate of return.

The target allocation to fixed income was reduced to 15% from 25%.

Global equity increased to 50% from 47.5% and alternatives, which includes private equity, hedge funds, real estate and real estate debt, increased to 35% from 27.5%.

As of March 31, the plan's actual allocation was 51.6% global equity, 27.2% alternatives, 20.7% fixed income and 0.5% other.

Ms. Mathisen said it has not been determined yet whether the changes will result in any searches or terminations.