Best Places to Work Registration 2014


Welcome to Best Places to Work in Money Management 2014 from the editors of Pensions & Investments.

Consider this your chance to show clients and employees — as well as prospects — what sets your firm apart.

Money managers self-nominate. Firms must have at least 20 U.S. employees in order to be considered for inclusion.

Simply click this link and then complete the brief registration form.

Rankings will be determined by the results of two surveys. Your company will complete the first survey detailing hiring practices, benefits and pay. Employees will have a say through a second, employee-driven survey. When requested, you must provide employee e-mail addresses for that part of the survey.

The surveys will be conducted by our research partner, the global survey resources unit of Buck Consultants LLC.

The combined scores of the employer and employee surveys will determine the Best Places to Work 2014.

Results are scheduled to be published in the Dec. 8 issue of P&I, with digital highlights to be posted on the same day.

Only the top-ranked firms will be listed.

See last year's winners at

Frequently asked questions

When does registration close?
Registration deadline has been extended to June 6

Are non-U.S. firms eligible?
Yes, as long as they have at least 20 employees in the U.S. It will be the U.S. operations that will be surveyed. That’s because the survey questions pertain to U.S. practices, particularly in benefits.

Why should my firm participate?
In a profession so dependent on people, inclusion in the survey can be a tool to retain and attract employees. Plus, it can differentiate your firm to prospective clients, as well as make you look good to existing clients.

How many firms will be ranked?
Frankly, we don’t know. It depends on the survey scores, how many firms participate, and in what size and asset-class category the companies are.

Who at the firm should register?
The registration form should be completed by someone with the authority to commit the company to going through the full process. That person needs to complete the employer survey; he or she needs to be knowledgeable about the firm’s hiring, compensation and benefits practices. That person also must ensure Buck Consultants, our partner on Best Places to Work in Money Management, gets e-mail addresses to send out the employee survey.

Once we register, then what?
Once registration closes, the primary contact on the registration form will receive, by e-mail, the employer survey. That survey takes about 30 minutes to complete and is due about a month later. Employee e-mail addresses are provided when the completed employer survey is submitted. Employees then fill out an e-mail survey using secure Web-based technology. That survey takes about five minutes, and employees are given about a month. The evaluation process is based solely on the two surveys; there are no site visits or telephone interviews.

Can we see the employer questions in advance?
Sure, we have posted a sample of the employer survey. Please click here to see the employer questions.

What kinds of questions will you ask employees?
Click here to see the employee questions.

How long will it take employees to complete the employee survey?
Only five minutes.

Are there guidelines for what employee addresses are submitted? Or do we submit all addresses?
Submit e-mail addresses for all regular, full-time U.S. employees. We survey all employees, but require a minimum sample size, depending on how many employees the firm has.

Will we get to see the results of the surveys?
Aggregated results will be given to all participants. Post-publication, Buck Consultants can make a company report available for a fee. To protect the confidentiality of survey respondents, answers will be aggregated so companies will not be able to see individual responses.

Will our firm be listed even if we didn't score high?
Only the top-ranked money managers will be named.

Contact info
If you have any additional questions, please contact Nancy Webman, editor, at 312-649-5284 or