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Icahn fills SEC filing with tweets

Carl C. Icahn stays current on technology, even referencing it in a filing with the SEC.

Carl C. Icahn has simplified SEC filings, communicating solely in the sparse style of tweets and retweets, at least in his recent contentions over Apple Inc.'s corporate strategy.

According to a Feb. 7, filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, “Carl C. Icahn sent the following Tweets relating to Apple under the Twitter handle @Carl_C_Icahn (https://twitter. com/Carl_C_Icahn):

“Tim Cook again confirms $AAPL will launch new products in new categories (plural) this year. Wall Street apparently still not listening.”

“$GOOG @ 19x2014 est operating profit. At same multiple $AAPL=$1,245 per share. Ridiculous. Keep buying Tim! You still have $145 billion cash”

Then according to another SEC filing later the same day, Mr. Icahn “retweeted, under the Twitter handle @Carl_C_Icahn (https:// twitter.com/Carl_C_Icahn), the following tweet by Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) relating to Apple:

“Retweeted by Carl Icahn: Jim Cramer?@jimcramer·Feb 5: @Carl_C_Icahn -Time to call in to @ScottWapnerCNBC about how much you've been buying of late? Stock has big bid underneath”

“On February 7, 2014, Carl C. Icahn tweeted the following response, under the Twitter handle @Carl_C_Icahn (https://twitter. com/Carl_C_Icahn), to the above tweet by Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) relating to Apple:

“@jimcramer @ScottWapnerCNBC No need to call Scott. As you noted this morning, Tim came in Clint Eastwood-style and has a lot more bullets.”

The tweets and retweets are the entire content of the SEC filings, contrary to typical disclosure reporting in copious pages of sometimes near impenetrable legalese and other arcane wording.

Go ahead and make his day and retweet.

This article originally appeared in the February 17, 2014 print issue as, "Icahn fills SEC filing with tweets".