Top-performing public pension funds

RankPension fundReturnBenchmarkOutperformance (basis points)
1 Oklahoma Teachers' Retirement System17.40%14.40%300
2 San Bernardino County Employees' Retirement Association15.05%8.20%685
3 Stanislaus County Employees' Retirement Association14.60%11.53%307
4 Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System14.50%9.10%540
5 Nashville & Davidson County Metropolitan Government Employee Benefit Trust Fund14.22%10.99%323
6Minnesota Board of Investments14.20%12.90%130
7 Dallas Employees' Retirement Fund14.20%13.10%110
8 Kentucky Teachers' Retirement System14.10%12.90%120
9Louisiana Schools Employees' Retirement System14.01%13.48%53
11 Ohio State Teachers' Retirement System13.70%
12 Arkansas Teacher Retirement System13.50%13.50%
13 Ventura County Employees' Retirement Association13.20%12.40%80
14 Sacramento County Employees' Retirement System13.20%10.90%230
15Illinois Teachers' Retirement System*13.20%12.50%70
16 Florida State Board of Administration13.12%12.01%111
18 Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund12.68%
19Alaska Teachers' Retirement System12.59%
20Alaska Public Employee's Retirement System12.50%
22 Nevada Public Employees' Retirement System12.40%
23 Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System12.34%11.34%100
24 New York City Retirement Systems12.30%11.30%100
25Michigan State Retirement Systems12.20%12.60%-40
26 Hawaii Employees' Retirement System12.00%11.60%40
27 Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System12.00%11.00%100
28Virginia Retirement Systems11.80%11.1%70
29 New Jersey Division of Investment11.79%10.96%83
30Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds11.64%
31Wisconsin Retirement System Core Fund11.20%10.10%110
32 Employees' Retirement System of Rhode Island11.07%11.29%-22
33 Kentucky Retirement Systems11.03%11.21%-18
34 Texas Employees Retirement System11.00%10.90%10
35 New Mexico Educational Retirement Board10.90%
36Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association10.60%11.70%-110
37 Maryland State Retirement & Pension System10.60%8.60%200
38Alaska Permanent Fund Corp.10.50%11.40%-90
39 Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System10.30%
40 Teacher Retirement System of Texas10.21%8.67%154
41 North Carolina Retirement Systems9.52%8.40%112
42 Houston Police Officers' Pension System7.67%12.11%-444
 Wilshire TUCS all public median12.40%
 TUCS public $1B+ median12.61%
 TUCS public $5B+ median12.43%
*Return is gross of fees.
Source: Plan reports, Wilshire Associates' Trust Universe Comparison Service