Twitter spoofs hedge fund industry

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Twitter users took to social media to offer a humorous look at what to expect now that the Securities and Exchange Commission decided to lift a long-standing ban on marketing and promoting private funds.

They lampooned the industry following the July 10 announcement, creating a hashtag — #hedgefundslogans — to track what became a series of jokes.

One of the most prolific posters to reimagine classic ad slogans was Barry Ritholtz, CEO of quantitative software research firm FusionIQ and a blogger. Some of his zingers tweeted under the handle @ritholtz included:

Others to borrow from classic ad campaigns include:

Twitter user @edgeH2Otrading referenced music:

And CNBC's John Carney (@carney), borrowing a quote from a New York Jets cheerleader's bio page, said: “Nothing is guaranteed tomorrow.”