Returns fail to boost hedge fund inflows — eVestment

Despite solid investment returns, net inflows into hedge funds year-to-date April 30 have been flat at 0.2%.

At $5.8 billion of net inflows in the first four months of 2013, the hedge fund industry is off to its second-worst start, surpassed only by 2009 when net outflows were $260 billion, according to an analysis from eVestment.

Performance gains of $30.5 billion brought hedge fund industry assets to an estimated $2.7 trillion.

For the same period, eVestment said the average aggregate hedge fund return year-to-date April 30 was 4.6%; the industry research firm said the industry is on pace to more than double the 7% average of 2012.

“The pattern of flows for 2013 is very similar to that of 2012, perhaps an indication of how large investor allocation tendencies are shaping the timing of industry asset movements,” said eVestment analysts in their April “Hedge Fund Flows” report.

The pattern in 2012 was flat net inflows in January, followed by spiking inflows in February then flat inflows in March and April. eVestment's data analysis found the same pattern through April this year.

“Should 2013 flows continue to follow a path similar to that of 2012, then the industry may not see a meaningful influx of capital again until early in the second half of the year,” the report said.

Despite flat inflows overall, fixed-income/credit hedge fund net inflows totaled an estimated $31 billion for the four months ended April 30. Long/short equity strategies, on the other hand, experienced net outflows of $10.8 billion, and managed futures funds lost a net $12.9 billion for the same period, eVestment's report said.