Plexus Corp. adds new asset classes to 401(k) lineup

(updated with correction)

Plexus Corp., Neenah, Wis., revamped the investment lineup for its $202 million 401(k) plan, confirmed Jaye K. Ciontea, senior benefit analyst.

The changes are a result of the hiring of investment consultant Francis Investment Counsel in May 2012.

The company added five options in new asset classes: the Columbia Acorn International Z fund, an international small-cap equity fund; the MFS Emerging Market Debt R5 fund; the PIMCO CommoditiesPLUS Institutional fund; the Templeton Frontier Markets fund; and the Vanguard Inflation-Protected Bond Fund.

The company also added domestic small-cap growth equity fund ING Small-Cap Opportunities fund, which replaces the Columbia Small-Cap Growth II Z fund, and also added the American Beacon Small-Cap Value fund, which replaces the Columbia Small-Cap Value fund.

The company also removed the T. Rowe Price Real Estate Advisor fund. There no longer will be a REIT investment option for the plan.

Also, the plan increased the number of target-date funds it offers to 11 funds from four and also removed four risk-tolerance funds managed by MFS Investment Management as part of that change.

Ms. Ciontea said in a telephone interview the funds were removed or replaced because of duplications in strategies, as well as a move away from risk-based funds toward target-date funds.

MassMutual Financial Group is the plan's record keeper.