SDCERA analyst departs for Salient Partners

Thomas Weldin left the $9.2 billion San Diego County Employees' Retirement Association, where he was an investment analyst, to join Salient Partners, SDCERA's outsourced CIO.

Mr. Weldin is a senior investment analyst, a new position at Salient Partners, according to a written statement from Salient. “At Salient, Mr. Weldin will be part of the team that services the SDCERA account, as well as other client accounts,” the Salient statement said.

Dan Flores, senior communications officer at SDCERA confirmed Mr. Weldin's departure and association executives' understanding that Mr. Weldin will be working on SDCERA's account among other Salient clients.

Mr. Weldin left SDCERA the last week of March.

“SDCERA is evaluating whether to replace the position,” Mr. Flores wrote in an e-mail.