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New York City Retirement Systems looking for investment officer

John Liu
New York City Comptroller John C. Liu

New York City Retirement Systems posted a job notice for an investment officer to “assist in overseeing the investment activity of private equity investments and similar assets made by emerging managers,” according to the website of New York City Comptroller John Liu.

Mr. Liu is the custodian and trustee of the New York City Retirement Systems, which comprises five city pension funds with aggregate assets of $127.8 billion.

The pension funds have a total of more than $16 billion in private equity commitments, according to the job notice.

The duties of the investment officer, within the city's Bureau of Asset Management, include working with pension consultants and bureau's private equity investment team “to identify, evaluate and process prospective investment opportunities,” the notice said.

The officer will develop and maintain an “internal database of investment opportunities” and work with the “general counsel's office, private equity team and consultants to finalize fund documents,” the notice said.

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter to: NYC Office of the Comptroller, Personnel Division-JVN #015/13/009, 1 Centre St., Room 710, New York, NY 10007, or send an e-mail with the subject line JVN:015/13/009 to Recruitment@comptroller.nyc.gov.

There is no timetable for filling the position.