Plymouth County combs horizon for emerging private equity manager

(updated with correction)

Plymouth County (Mass.) Retirement Association is searching for an emerging private equity manager to run $5 million to $10 million, confirmed William Farmer, executive director of the $660 million pension fund.

The board will consider funds from only managers that have no more than two prior funds in the same strategy as the one the managers are proposing, and the fund must have at least $75 million of committed equity when the pension fund makes its commitment, according to the RFP.

Initial, seed and “friends and family” funds will not be considered but do not count in relation to the two prior funds launched.

Mr. Farmer said the pension fund wants to “try to find a smaller manager to latch onto” as it grows with more fund offerings in the future.

The RFP is available on Wainwright's website. Proposals are due at 2 p.m. EST Jan. 7. A hiring decision is expected early in the second quarter.