Oklahoma Police pension plan adding real estate fund

Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System, Oklahoma City, committed $20 million to TA Associates Realty X, confirmed Steven Snyder, executive director and chief investment officer.

It is the $1.8 billion pension fund's first commitment to TA Associates Realty, which is managing a value-added opportunistic fund.

The pension fund also committed an additional $20 million to J.P. Morgan Strategic Property Fund. It previously invested $50 million in the J.P. Morgan open-end core real estate fund.

Asset Consulting Group assisted.

The pension fund increased its allocation to real assets to 15% from 5% last year, with 5% targets to core real estate, opportunistic real estate and commodities. It plans to add real estate and commodities commitments in the next six months or so to build up the portfolio, Mr. Snyder said in a telephone interview.