Ex-SEC commissioner to lead London-based hedge fund advocacy group

Kathleen Casey, former Republican SEC commissioner, was appointed non-executive chairman of the Alternative Investment Management Association, the London-based lobbying group said in an e-mailed statement.

Ms. Casey replaces Todd Groome, a former Deutsche Bank AG executive and adviser to the International Monetary Fund, whose term expired.

Ms. Casey, who stepped down from the SEC last year, takes the post as global regulators implement rules ranging from restrictions on who can invest in hedge funds in Europe to U.S. requirements that funds undergo routine SEC inspections and disclose their leverage and investments to the government. European watchdogs are also considering whether to stiffen oversight of so-called shadow banking, a term that describes all financing activities not performed by banks.

“As we move internationally from a period of legislative drafting to regulatory implementation, her enormous experience will be invaluable,” AIMA CEO Andrew Baker said in the statement.

Ms. Casey served as SEC commissioner from 2006 through 2011.

The AIMA has 1,300 corporate members ranging from hedge funds to accounting firms and prime brokerage units at banks. Ms. Casey's term as chairman lasts for two years. Mr. Groome had held the position since 2009, according to the statement.