Drought shouldn’t be made light of

I'm writing regarding the page-one headline in the July 23 Pensions & Investments issue, “Drought devastation has sunny side for investors.”

While I know you have a bent toward entertaining headlines — and I often appreciate the humor — making light of others' loss, and the implied profit from that, is uncomfortably inconsiderate.

As a pension board chairman that comes from a family of dairy farmers, I feel the dynamic both ways. A little more consideration would be appreciated.

These people are suffering from an act of nature and by no fault of their own. Let's save the barbs for the people in the investing world who most wholeheartedly deserve them.

John Barmore

Chairman, City of Milwaukee

Employes' Retirement System


This article originally appeared in the August 20, 2012 print issue as, "Drought shouldn't be made light of".