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No pension reforms in Illinois special session

Illinois capitol
Illinois state capitol

The Illinois General Assembly on Friday adjourned a special pension reform session without taking any action on proposed changes.

Republicans refused to vote on a pension reform proposal that included shifting to local school districts from the state pension contributions for certain teachers, said Brooke Anderson, spokeswoman to Gov. Pat Quinn.

Lawmakers also discussed, but did not pass, a measure abolishing pension benefits for future members of the $63.2 million General Assembly Retirement System, Springfield. The House approved, 54-53, the amendment relating to General Assembly members, but did not get the 60 votes needed for the measure to pass.

The unsuccessful amendment also included a provision that would have made current members and retirees choose between accepting limits on the annual increases in their current pension annuity or losing certain health-care benefits.

The lawmakers' pension plan had $298.4 million in total liabilities as of June 30, 2011.