Top 10 funds by category: composite funds

Top 10 funds by category: composite funds
Convertible Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Transamerica Convertibles22.84%21.96% NACM U.S. Convertibles16.41%15.91%
NACM U.S. Convertibles22.63%22.07% Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Convertibles15.93%n/a
MacKay Shields Convertibles21.12%20.52% ClearBridge Convertible Securities15.62%15.07%
PIMCO Convertible17.59%16.86% Transamerica Convertibles15.43%14.65%
Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Convertibles16.89%16.06% PIMCO Convertible13.97%13.27%
TCW Traditional Convertibles15.82%15.25% MacKay Shields Convertibles13.35%12.81%
Froley, Revy Convertibles Comp.15.32%14.72% Lord Abbett & Co. Convertibles12.67%11.83%
Victory Inst'l Investment Grade Convertibles15.25%14.60% TCW Traditional Convertibles12.30%11.74%
Lord Abbett & Co. Convertibles14.85%14.00% Calamos Convert Composite12.22%11.67%
Calamos Convertibles Composite14.06%13.50% Calamos U.S. Convertible Strategy12.15%11.60%
Diversified Emerging Markets Equity Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
ClariVest Emerging Markets74.70%73.02% NACM Emerging Markets Opportunities47.33%46.09%
NACM Emerging Markets Opportunities74.10%72.58% William Blair Emerging Markets Growth45.72%n/a
Fisher Emerging Markets Equity69.38%68.65% Acadian Emerging Markets Strategy45.31%44.20%
Alliance Emerging Markets Growth68.11%55.24% Bernstein Emerging Markets Value Equity44.80%43.20%
LSV Asset Mgmt. Emerging Markets Value67.92%66.33% Driehaus Emerging Markets Growth44.54%42.31%
Marvin & Palmer Emerging Markets 67.33%66.18% Eaton Vance (EV) Structured Emerging Markets Equity43.82%42.43%
American Century Emerging Markets65.45%62.69% GMO Emerging Markets Strategy43.46%41.94%
The Boston Emerging Markets Core Equity65.33%63.61% Pictet Global Emerging Markets42.45%40.94%
Templeton Emerging Markets Equity65.12%63.65% Trilogy Global Emerging Markets42.32%40.32%
QMA Emerging Markets Equity64.57%64.20% Wellington Emerging Markets Equity42.32%41.07%
Emerging Markets Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Capital Guardian Emerging Markets FI - Institutional21.21%20.42% Stone Harbor EMD Total Return25.00%23.65%
Lazard Emerging Income17.42%15.17% Franklin Templeton (BEN) Emerging Market Debt Opp.21.85%20.72%
Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Debt Opp.14.62%13.73% Prudential Inv. Mgmt. Emerging Markets Debt21.04%20.19%
AllianceBernstein (AB) Emerging Markets Debt11.93%11.24% Capital Guardian Emerging Market FI - Institutional20.44%19.64%
Morgan Stanley (MS) Emerging Markets Debt Strat.11.80%10.62% AllianceBernstein Emerging Markets Debt19.69%n/a
Prudential Inv. Mgmt. Emerging Markets Debt11.20%10.44% Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Debt19.25%18.51%
Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Debt11.16%10.56% Wellington Emerging Markets Debt18.88%18.15%
Stone Harbor EMD Total Return11.04%10.13% Western Asset Mgmt. Emerging Markets18.10%17.58%
Wellington Emerging Markets Debt10.11%9.47% PIMCO Emerging Markets17.50%16.79%
Standish Mellon Emerging Markets Debt9.73%9.30% Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets Debt Strat.17.26%16.05%
Europe Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Pictet Small-cap European Core Comp.38.65%37.52% Pictet Small-cap European Core Comp.36.78%35.54%
BlackRock (BLK) European Specialist Equity37.48%36.64% Acadian Europe Ex-U.K. Equity34.42%33.45%
TT Int'l Inv. Mgmt. European Long Only36.83%36.17% BlackRock European Specialist Equity33.98%33.10%
Nordea European Focus Equity35.10%34.13% Wellington European Smaller Companies33.16%31.97%
Acadian Europe Ex-U.K. Equity35.05%34.10% TT Int'l Inv. Mgmt. European Long Only30.90%30.06%
Nordea European Equities33.31%32.34% Brandes European Equity30.49%29.32%
Clay Finlay Continental European Equity32.47%31.41% Burgundy European Equity28.72%27.52%
GAM USA European Equity Hedge32.39%n/a Principal Global European Equities28.71%27.98%
Newton Capital Mgmt. Pan-European Equity31.45%30.45% Lazard Contintental Europe Equity28.54%n/a
Principal Global European Equities30.38%29.65% New Star Institutional European Equity27.23%26.23%
Foreign Large-Cap Blend Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
EARNEST Int'l Equity46.58%46.32% Locke Capital Mgmt. Int'l ex-U.S.34.45%33.94%
NB Int'l Equity37.77%35.94% Pictet EAFE Equity33.28%29.82%
Prudential Retirement Int'l Blend (TBC)37.06%35.87% Acadian Int'l All Cap31.77%28.11%
Henderson Global EAFE All Cap36.70%36.42% Evergreen Tattersall Int'l CEF31.65%30.79%
Locke Capital Mgmt. Int'l ex-U.S.36.43%35.80% EARNEST Int'l Equity31.12%31.07%
GEAM Int'l Equity35.93%35.04% Voyageur Int'l30.55%29.36%
Thomas White Int'l Int'l Equity35.10%33.82% Thomas White Int'l Int'l Equity29.20%27.95%
Pictet EAFE Equity34.94%34.05% NB Int'l Equity28.32%7.83%
Fisher All Foreign Equity33.94%33.39% GlobeFlex Int'l All Cap28.31%27.36%
Lord Abbett & Co. Int'l Core Equity SMA33.50%29.66% NB Int'l Equity27.76%25.22%
Foreign Large-Cap Growth Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Driehaus Int'l49.36%47.27% Driehaus Int'l34.34%31.98%
Davis Int'l Product48.93%47.83% NACM Int'l All-cap Growth31.04%29.95%
Marvin & Palmer Non-U.S. Equity47.95%46.94% McKinley Capital Mgmt. Int'l Growth28.75%28.33%
NACM Int'l All-cap Growth44.14%43.50% William Blair Int'l Growth27.16%26.08%
Harding, Loevner Mgmt. Conc. Int'l Equity41.32%39.92% Harding, Loevner Mgmt. Concentrated Int'l Equity26.12%24.86%
Alliance Int'l Research Growth All Country39.18%38.10% Morgan Stanley Int'l Growth26.08%24.57%
Allegiant Asset Int'l Equity38.87%37.90% Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Int'l Growth25.97%n/a
Fisher All Foreign Equity Growth38.57%37.63% Baring Active/Passive Alpha Tilt25.39%25.39%
NACM Int'l Growth38.01%37.50% MFS Int'l Growth Equity25.30%n/a
Navellier Int'l Growth Inst'l35.74%35.04% Alliance Int'l Large Growth All Country25.29%21.60%
Foreign Large-Cap Value Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Acadian Non-U.S. Concentrated 130/3037.61%33.68% Acadian All Country World ex-U.S.33.29%32.19%
Acadian All Country World ex-U.S.34.97%33.98% Bernstein Int'l Value Equity - All Country30.75%30.46%
Prudential Retirement Dryden Int'l Growth34.87%33.74% Bernstein Int'l Strategic Value29.82%28.98%
Acadian All Country World ex-U.S. 130/3033.75%30.67% NACM Int'l Systematic29.64%28.97%
Financial Trust Asset Mgmt. Int'l Leaders Index33.62%31.96% Sky Investment Overseas Equity28.91%28.47%
Schafer Cullen Int'l High Dividend31.99%29.83% AllianceBernstein MA Int'l Value ADR28.38%n/a
Acadian Global 130/3030.65%26.02% Bernstein Int'l Value Equity Composite28.21%27.16%
Templeton Developed Markets ex-U.S.30.21%29.75% LSV Asset Mgmt. Int'l Large-cap Value Equity28.03%27.10%
Bernstein Int'l Value Equity - All Country30.16%29.14% Bernstein Int'l Value 27.90%27.17%
Templeton Non-U.S. Equity29.63%29.17% Acadian Non-U.S. Equity27.65%26.83%
Foreign Small/Midcap Growth Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Driehaus Int'l Opportunities66.68%65.14% Driehaus Int'l Opportunities40.61%40.25%
American Century Int'l Small Cap49.95%48.30% American Century Int'l Small Cap38.92%37.18%
NACM Int'l Small-cap growth47.76%46.76% NACM Int'l Small-cap Growth38.44%37.35%
American Century Int'l Small/Midcap46.90%45.14% GlobeFlex Int'l Small Cap34.87%33.82%
Winslow Asset Mgmt. Green Solutions45.86%45.40% Evergreen Int'l Small-cap Equity34.45%33.15%
Federated Non-U.S. Small Company Equity42.71%40.93% AIG Int'l Small-cap Equity Strategy34.35%n/a
Pinnacle Int'l Small-cap Equity39.91%38.35% The Boston Int'l Small-cap Equity33.23%31.94%
Acadian Non-U.S. Small-cap Long/Short39.65%36.47% RCM Int'l Small-cap Equity32.73%31.63%
Victory Int'l Small Cap38.81%37.52% American Century Int'l Small/midcap32.71%30.88%
Wasatch Int'l Growth36.34%34.87% Federated Non-U.S. Small Company Equity31.91%30.26%
Foreign Small/Midcap Value Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Pictet Asset Mgmt. Eastern European Equity49.27%48.19% Pictet Asset Mgmt. Eastern European Equity46.67%45.16%
Acadian Int'l Small Cap39.93%38.91% Acadian Int'l Small Cap38.25%33.62%
Pyramis Select Int'l Small Cap38.87%37.77% LSV Asset Mgmt. Int'l Small-cap Value Equity38.12%36.81%
Epoch Int'l Small Cap37.07%35.59% GMO Int'l Small Company Strat.33.43%32.46%
LSV Asset Mgmt. Int'l Small-cap Value Equity34.15%32.83% Pyramis Select Int'l Small Cap32.34%31.28%
Lazard Global Small-cap Equity32.14%31.06% Capital Guardian Trust Non-U.S. Small Cap32.10%30.75%
ClariVest Int'l Small31.06%30.04% Pictet Int'l Smaller Companies31.55%30.33%
GMO Int'l Small Company Strat.30.75%29.79% GMO Int'l Active Foreign Small Companies31.16%30.08%
GMO Int'l Active Foreign Small Companies30.55%29.49% Brandes Int'l Midcap Equity27.87%26.43%
WisdomTree Int'l Small-cap Dividend29.21%n/a Lazard Global Small-cap Equity26.29%25.29%
High Yield Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Advisor's Distressed Taxable20.48%18.93% DCM High Yield24.65%24.07%
MFC Global High Yield15.93%15.11% AllianceBernstein U.S. High Yield20.05%10.49%
Pioneer High Yield Fixed Income14.99%13.48% DDJ Capital Mgmt. DDJ U.S. High Yield Comp I17.06%16.32%
Advisor's Aggressive Taxable Discipline13.38%12.14% MFC Global High Yield16.85%16.11%
DCM High Yield11.00%10.46% PENN Capital Mgmt. Opportunistic High-Yield FI16.74%16.01%
Reams Asset Mgmt. High Yield Fixed Income10.98%10.78% Post Advisory High Yield Plus16.25%n/a
Prudential Retirement High Yield Bond (C-S)10.70%10.30% Loomis Sayles High Yield Full Discretion16.05%15.59%
Calamos High Yield Strategy10.50%9.69% Franklin Templeton U.S. High Yield FI15.11%14.34%
Pioneer Global High Yield10.28%8.68% Delaware High Yield Fixed Income15.11%14.40%
Seix High Yield Plus Bond Mgmt.10.04%9.78% Pioneer High Yield Fixed Income14.51%13.02%
Inflation-Protected Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Wellington Diversified Inflation Hedges37.90%36.78% BlackRock TIPS 5.73%n/a
Wellington TIPS Tax-Exempt Composite5.46%5.21% Western Asset Mgmt. U.S. TIPS Full Disc.5.71%5.39%
Hartford Inv. Mgmt. Inflation Plus 5.40%5.18% Wellington TIPS Tax-Exempt Composite5.47%5.22%
BlackRock TIPS 5.40%5.24% Northern Trust TIPS5.47%5.46%
Richmond Capital TIPS 1-10 Yr5.30%5.18% Weaver C. Barksdale U.S. Gov't TIPS5.46%5.40%
Northern Trust TIPS5.07%5.05% Standish Mellon TIPS5.41%5.36%
Standish Mellon TIPS4.97%4.92% SSgA Passive TIPS5.33%5.32%
SSgA Passive TIPS4.93%4.91% American Century Inflation-Adjusted Bond5.32%4.76%
Western Asset Mgmt. U.S. TIPS Full Disc4.92%4.64% Income Research & Mgmt. TIPS4.80%n/a
American Century Inflation-Adjusted Bond4.78%4.20%
Intermediate-Duration Government Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Prudential Retirement Gov't Securities (BSAM)7.86%7.63% Fort Washington Active Core Fixed-Income4.74%4.61%
Northern Trust Intermediate Gov't6.09%6.09% TCW Total Return MBS4.42%4.05%
Shay Intermediate Bond6.00%5.47% TCW Index-Plus MBS4.31%4.03%
M.D. Sass Services 3-Year FI5.86%5.45% Northern Trust Gov't/Credit Index4.23%n/a
Northern Trust Gov't Index5.84%5.84% Fort Washington Core Fixed Income4.19%n/a
Hillswick Intermediate Gov't/Corp.5.82%5.28% Morgan Stanley Mortgage4.15%n/a
Logan Capital Mgmt. Intermediate Gov't Agency5.81%5.29% Seix Mortgage-Backed Security4.15%3.74%
Northern Trust Intermediate Gov't/Credit5.70%n/a Shay Intermediate Bond4.06%3.61%
BNY Intermediate Gov't 5.66%5.37% Utendahl Capital Mortgage-Backed Securities4.02%3.91%
BNY Core FI-Intermediate Gov't/Corp. Index5.58%5.50% BNY Core FI-Intermediate Gov't/Corp. Index4.02%3.95%
Intermediate-Term Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Washington Capital Mgmt. Intermediate Fixed Income9.58%9.33% Prudential Retirement Core Bond (BSAM)13.73%13.63%
Prudential Retirement Priv. Place Fund8.03%7.82% Pioneer Core Plus10.87%9.46%
Prudential Retirement America Fund7.95%5.19% Brandes Corporate Focus Fixed Income9.57%9.16%
Prudential Retirement Gov't Securities (BSAM)7.86%7.63% Loomis Sayles Core-Plus Full Discretion8.92%8.66%
Halbis Core-Plus Fixed Income7.77%n/a Brandes Core-Plus Fixed Income Portfolio7.76%7.38%
Principal Global Spectrum Preferred Securities7.75%0.37% Delaware Corporate Bond Fixed Income7.69%7.20%
Atlantic High U.S. Grade Core7.52%7.13% TCW Opportunistic Core Plus7.42%7.00%
Prudential Retirement High Grade Bond (BSAM)7.45%7.15% Loomis Sayles Multisector Total Return7.26%6.92%
Pioneer Core-Plus7.32%5.93% Pyramis Core Plus6.92%6.66%
Loomis Sayles Core-Plus Full Discretion7.21%6.92% Metropolitan West AM Total Return Fixed Income6.71%6.46%
Japan Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
BlackRock Pacific Basin Equity24.19%23.59% Acadian Japanese Equity21.78%21.18%
Acadian Japanese Equity14.96%14.38% BlackRock Pacific Basin Equity21.51%4.52%
Nikko AM Japan Value11.75%n/a Nikko AM Japan Value20.15%n/a
Nikko AM Japan Core9.84%n/a Principal Global Japanese Equity18.33%17.67%
Alliance Japan Growth Equity9.34%8.66% Nikko AM Japan Core17.77%n/a
Principal Global Japanese Equity8.33%7.75% Daiwa SB Structured Fundamental Japan17.28%16.63%
Nikko AM Japan Growth8.04%n/a Nikko AM Japan Growth17.19%n/a
Wellington Japan Equity7.36%6.48% Clay Finlay Japan Equity16.77%14.26%
Clay Finlay Japan Equity6.48%5.60% GAM London GAM Japan Equity Strat.16.19%14.59%
Daiwa SB Structured Fundamental Japan6.22%5.73% Alliance Japan Growth Equity15.90%15.19%
Large-Cap Blend Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
MFC Global Large-cap Equity39.81%38.51% Scharf Investments All-cap Core29.61%15.23%
A.R. Schmeidler Large-cap Equity39.20%38.36% A.R. Schmeidler Large-cap Equity25.03%n/a
Pyramis Large-cap Core 130/3034.50%34.50% Janus Institutional Opportunistic Alpha24.73%24.00%
Janus Institutional Opportunistic Alpha33.78%33.04% Evergreen MWCM Large-cap Intrinsic Value Equity23.82%23.24%
DG Capital Opportunistic Growth31.84%-31.68% ICC Multicap Equity23.63%22.87%
Tradition Cap. Mgmt. Large-Cap Growth Equity29.82%28.50% Guardian Capital Premium Growth Equity23.04%22.46%
Guardian Capital Premium Growth Equity28.97%28.36% John Hsu Capital U.S. Equity22.39%21.94%
Wellington Focused Equity28.65%27.82% Markston Int'l S&P 500 Active22.38%21.70%
ICC Multicap Equity28.65%27.63% Markston Int'l All Cap22.34%20.68%
Pyramis Large-cap Core28.01%27.69% Global Capital Mgmt All-cap Equity Core22.17%n/a
Large-Cap Growth Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Husic Large-cap Growth42.40%41.20% McComsey Earnings Revision Growth26.98%24.53%
Janus Forty MA (LCG Retail)41.67%37.53% Frost National Bank Core Growth Comp.25.61%n/a
Janus Institutional Diversified Growth41.63%40.68% Locke Capital Mgmt. U.S. Equity24.40%23.86%
Fred Alger All-cap Growth Equity40.67%39.75% Husic Large-cap Growth24.39%23.38%
Fred Alger Socially Responsible Growth38.71%37.84% Transamerica Concentrated All-cap Growth24.19%23.16%
Munder Capital Mgmt. Multicap Growth38.23%37.35% Pengra Concentrated Theme Equity22.97%n/a
Insight Large-cap Growth36.66%35.78% Sit Investment Concentrated Growth21.56%20.68%
Sit Investment Concentrated Growth36.11%35.16% New Century Growth Program21.44%20.32%
Clear Asset Mgmt. Large-cap Growth Portfolio33.65%31.05% RiverPoint Capital Mgmt. Growth Opportunity21.05%19.47%
Frantzen Focused Large-cap Growth33.61%31.40% Turner Inv. Concentrated Growth Equity21.03%19.97%
Large-Cap Value Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Schafer Cullen Multicap Value Equity29.50%28.87% ValueWorks 125/25 Hedged39.60%35.03%
ValueWorks 125/25 Hedged25.49%18.97% Franklin Portfolio (FTPA) LCV-Yield Foc.27.45%24.56%
Weaver C. Barksdale Large Russell 20025.47%24.84% Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Large-cap Value26.41%n/a
MFS Large-cap Value Equity24.50%23.74% Schneider Capital Mgmt. Large-cap Value25.68%24.07%
NB Large-cap Value SMA23.11%n/a RiverSource Opportunity Value24.25%22.97%
OFI Private Large-cap Value22.92%19.25% Glickenhaus Equity24.09%22.80%
U.S. Trust Value Equity22.70%21.92% The Boston Dynamic Equity Mgmt.23.83%22.86%
CornerCap Quantitative Large/Mid22.63%22.15% Diamond Hill Large Cap Equity23.52%22.56%
RiverSource Opportunity Value22.41%21.27% Diamond Hill Select Equity23.40%22.43%
Logic Capital Mgmt. Large Cap22.13%17.34% NWQ Special Equity23.03%22.16%
Leveraged Net Long Stock Funds
Analytic Core Equity Plus (Russell 1000)22.48%
MFS Blended Research 130/30 - U.S. Core Equity18.94%
Martingale Enhanced Alpha (130/30) Large Core50018.58%
Stux Capital Long Plus17.17%
OFII 120/20 Large-cap Core16.97%
Martingale Enhanced Alpha (130/30) Large Core16.54%
AJO Top Cap16.36%
ING 130/3015.76%
AJO Matched Cap15.23%
Numeric Investors Amplified Core 130/3014.76%
Long-Term Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Loomis Sayles Multisector Full Discr. 9.10%8.74% Prudential Retirement Corp. Bond (BSAM)14.01%13.94%
Independence Capital Mgmt. Intermediate-term FI6.40%6.00% Loomis Sayles Multisector Full Disc. 13.07%12.70%
STW Fixed Income Mgmt. Long Duration 5.85%5.59% Delaware Extended Duration Fixed Income9.20%8.61%
Reams Asset Mgmt. Long Duration Fixed Income5.72%5.48% Goldman Sachs U.S. Long Duration Fixed Income7.28%6.96%
BNY Index Aggregate5.31%5.23% STW Fixed Income Mgmt. Long Duration 7.26%7.00%
Morgan Stanley Enhanced Cash5.23%5.11% PIMCO L/T Bond Full Authority6.39%6.13%
PIMCO L/T Bond Full Authority5.22%5.00% NISA Inv. Long Duration Consolidated6.34%2.36%
Victory Inst'l Core Fixed Income5.13%4.83% Transamerica Long Duration6.33%5.95%
National Investment Services NIS Aggregate Core-Plus FI5.09%4.72% Reams Asset Mgmt. Long Duration Fixed Income6.31%6.05%
BNY Core Aggregate5.02%4.65% PIMCO Long Duration6.04%4.29%
Market Neutral Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Salus Market Neutral Equitized21.34%11.24% INVESCO (IVZ) Market Neutral (Equity)18.83%n/a
Fuller & Thaler Market Neutral20.29%17.77% Salus Market Neutral Equitized17.66%13.51%
INVESCO Market Neutral (Equity)16.41%16.10% Franklin Portfolio Market Neutral Equitized15.41%14.30%
Pyramis Select Market Neutral14.82%14.01% Fuller & Thaler Market Neutral10.47%8.35%
Zacks Market Neutral12.17%12.17% Zacks Market Neutral7.06%n/a
Franklin Portfolio Market Neutral Equitized10.09%9.02% The Boston Market Neutral7.05%6.00%
Analytic U.S. Market Neutral High Volatility10.06%9.41% Salus Market Neutral5.13%4.12%
Salus Market Neutral9.23%1.92% Analytic U.S. Market Neutral II4.97%3.12%
Analytic U.S. Market Neutral Moderate Volatility8.33%7.28% First Quadrant European Market Neutral Eq.4.81%4.07%
Martingale Equity Market Neutral7.02%5.97% Analytic U.S. Market Neutral4.62%3.80%
Midcap Blend Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Harman Inv. Core Equity Comp.56.76%55.74% Rehmann Financial Alpha Quant Portfolio26.77%24.09%
Wellington All-Cap Opportunities 40.85%39.82% The Boston Midcap Opportunistic Equity26.43%25.33%
Ativo Midcap35.48%33.64% RS Partners/Small-cap value25.42%23.74%
Wellington Select Capital Appreciation35.02%33.41% Advisory Research Small/Midcap Value25.09%23.97%
Wellington Midcap Opportunities29.99%29.07% Steinberg Asset Mgmt. All-cap Value Equity25.09%24.43%
Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Value29.31%28.81% Trend Dynamics TD MultiCap Portfolio24.90%n/a
Fiduciary Asset Mgmt. Smidcap Core Equity29.02%27.90% Fisher Midcap Value24.88%24.02%
WHV Midcap Equity28.96%27.68% High Pointe Capital Mgmt. Small-cap Equity24.36%23.38%
Steinberg Asset Mgmt. Midcap Value Equity28.77%27.94% Fisher Small/Midcap Value24.28%23.42%
Pinnacle All-cap Equity28.63%27.41% EARNEST Midcap23.98%22.37%
Midcap Growth Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Insight All-cap Growth65.11%62.62% Husic Concentrated Growth32.95%29.87%
Driehaus Midcap Growth60.96%59.91% Avenir Value Core Equity30.41%29.47%
Insight Midcap Growth56.26%54.12% Driehaus Midcap Recovery Growth29.55%28.63%
American Century Midcap Core Growth54.79%53.22% Munder Capital Mgmt. Internet-Related Growth26.95%25.71%
Driehaus Midcap Recovery Growth47.94%46.75% Driehaus Midcap Growth26.26%24.96%
American Century Midcap Growth46.96%45.66% Rainier Small/Midcap Equity26.13%25.14%
Essex Inv. Mgmt. Growth Equity45.48%44.15% TCW Growth Equities26.09%25.05%
Insight Capital Research & Mgmt. Tax Adv. Growth45.30%43.74% Husic Classic Growth Equity26.08%24.80%
Fred Alger Midcap Growth Equity44.27%43.21% Frontier Capital Appreciation25.69%24.89%
Oberweis Smidcap Growth41.75%41.05% Fred Alger Smidcap growth 25.18%24.04%
Midcap Value Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Iridian Private Business Value Midcap31.31%26.63% Trapeze Long-Only Equity50.18%n/a
Trapeze Long-Only Equity30.91%30.91% Trapeze Long/Short Equity42.55%42.54%
Morgan Stanley U.S. Small/Midcap Value27.74%25.54% Tradewinds Small/Midcap Value Equity32.47%31.38%
Texas First Large-cap Value26.44%n/a Schneider Capital Mgmt. Midcap Value28.86%28.11%
Tradewinds Small/Midcap Value Equity25.55%24.53% Donald Smith & Co. Large-Cap Concentrated Value Equity27.43%26.73%
Wellington Midcap Value24.31%23.59% Moody Aldrich Focused Value27.07%26.34%
Morgan Stanley U.S. Midcap Value24.30%23.26% RiverSource Midcap Value26.36%24.91%
Dalton Greiner Hartman Maher UltraValue24.16%22.99% 6th Avenue Small-Midcap Value Equity25.88%24.37%
RiverSource Midcap Value24.10%22.77% Schneider Capital Mgmt. Value Equity24.50%23.98%
Trusco Midcap Value23.72%22.83% Texas First All-cap Value24.28%n/a
Moderate Allocation Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
A.R. Schmeidler Balanced Accounts28.99%28.02% Guardian Capital Domestic Balanced23.25%22.82%
WHV Large-cap Core Balanced26.07%24.88% A.R. Schmeidler Balanced Accounts18.66%n/a
Guardian Capital Domestic Balanced25.76%25.32% The Golub Core Balanced17.71%16.72%
Harding, Loevner Mgmt. Multiasset Global22.42%21.39% Harding, Loevner Mgmt. Multiasset Global17.31%16.23%
Pinnacle Balanced Account22.36%21.48% Pinnacle Balanced Account17.19%16.40%
Atalanta Sosnoff Balanced19.20%18.40% Evergreen MWCM Value Balanced17.07%16.20%
Bartlett & Co. Institutional Balanced19.06%18.40% Green Inv. Mgmt. Opp. Balanced Growth16.74%n/a
Dorsey Wright Sys. Relative Strength Cons.18.11%16.26% Mellon Capital Mgmt. Tactical Asset Allocation15.78%15.47%
Montag & Caldwell Balanced17.84%17.37% Western Asset Mgmt. U.S. Index Plus15.74%15.39%
Calamos Growth and Income Strategy17.62%16.87% NWQ Special Balanced15.40%14.79%
Multisector Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Pension Mgmt. Co. Fixed Income8.44%6.77% Pension Mgmt. Co. Fixed Income12.86%11.19%
Prudential Retirement Inv. Grade Corporate Bond BSAM7.45%7.14% Putnam Multistrategy FI10.17%9.24%
Julius Baer Total Return Bond7.19%6.57% GW Capital Medium-grade Bond8.48%8.05%
Capital Guardian U.S. Core-Plus Fixed Income7.17%6.83% Stone Harbor Enhanced Core Fixed Income7.82%7.09%
PanAgora Asset Mgmt. Fixed Income Long-Short6.94%5.89% Caywood-Scholl Hybrid Fixed Income7.56%7.32%
Caywood-Scholl Hybrid Fixed Income6.89%6.68% Transamerica Core-Plus Fixed Income7.41%6.98%
GW Capital Medium-grade Bond6.57%6.15% Fifth Third Asset Mgmt. Strategic Income Plus7.33%6.85%
Putnam Multistrategy FI6.42%3.42% DCM Core-Plus Fixed Income7.06%6.62%
Dolan McEniry Fixed Income Composite6.42%6.10% Julius Baer Total Return Bond6.99%6.06%
DCM Core-Plus Fixed Income6.10%5.72% Taplin, Canida & Habacht Core-Plus FI6.82%n/a
Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Oberweis China Opportunities101.25%99.10%
GAM London GAM Asian Equity Strat.81.42%78.70%
GAM USA Asia Equity Hedge80.85%78.12%
SGAM Asia ex-Japan74.09%55.92%
SGAM Pacific Basin ex-Japan73.68%69.55%
Morgan Stanley Asian Equity ex-Japan68.82%66.77%
Principal Global Asian Equity ex-Japan66.53%65.52%
Clay Finlay Pacific Basin ex-Japan51.00%49.82%
Clay Finlay Asia Pacific ex-Japan Equity50.72%49.51%
Wellington Asia ex-Japan48.96%47.93%
Short-Term Government Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
RNC Genter Short-Term U.S. Gov't 6.35%5.98% TCW Mortgage-Backed Securities4.37%4.03%
Eagle Gov't Securities6.09%5.77% Victory Inst'l Mortgage Backed Securities4.32%n/a
Fifth Third Asset Mgmt. 1-3 Year Gov't LAM5.89%5.67% BlackRock Mortgage4.29%1.00%
BNY ML 1-5 Year Gov't/Credit5.82%5.61% Shay U.S. Gov't 3.82%3.53%
M&I Short-Term Income5.80%5.29% M&I Short-term Income3.55%3.05%
M.D. Sass Services 2-Year FI5.79%5.37% M.D. Sass Services 2-Year FI3.47%3.11%
Davis Hamilton Jackson Fixed-Income Short Duration5.79%5.49% Fifth Third Asst Mgmt. Intermediate Gov't3.44%3.11%
Amalgamated Bank Low Duration5.77%5.53% Shay Short U.S. Gov't 3.39%3.09%
McDonnell Inv. Mgmt. 1-3 Year Gov't5.62%5.24% AllianceBernstein U.S. Low Duration3.36%2.96%
Fifth Third Asset Mgmt. Intermediate Gov't5.49%5.20% Shay Intermediate Mortgage3.32%3.03%
Short-Term Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Sit Investment Short Duration Strat.6.60%6.19% Brandes Intermediate Fixed Income Portfolio6.96%6.58%
Longfellow Short Duration Fixed Income6.43%6.09% Goodwin Low Duration Core-Plus Fixed Inc6.38%5.45%
PIMCO Moderate Duration Core6.39%6.17% Metropolitan West AM Intermediate Fixed Income5.42%5.13%
PIMCO Low Duration Core-Plus Full Auth.6.35%5.85% Metropolitan West AM Low Duration Fixed Income4.68%4.38%
MacKay Shields S/T Fixed Income6.23%5.84% Taplin, Canida & Habacht Intermediate Fixed Income4.67%4.51%
AllianceBernstein U.S. Short Duration6.23%5.89% Loomis Sayles Intermediate Total Return4.57%4.34%
Reams Asset Mgmt. Intermediate Fixed Income6.22%5.99% PIMCO Mortgage Limited Authority4.54%4.38%
Minton Inv. Mgmt. Intermediate Reserve6.20%5.88% Westport Res. Mgmt. Fixed Income Strat.4.51%3.97%
Reams Asset Mgmt. Low Duration Fixed Income6.20%5.82% Highland Cap Mgmt. Fixed Non-Taxable Intermediate Bond4.37%n/a
Chandler 1- to 10-Year Gov't 6.16%5.95% Capital Guardian U.S. Investment Grade FI Core4.37%4.05%
Small-Cap Blend Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Driehaus Small-cap Recovery Growth45.52%44.25% Driehaus Small-cap Recovery Growth30.79%29.63%
Bares Capital Mgmt. Microcap Equity37.70%35.97% The Boston Smidcap Opportunistic Value27.84%26.62%
MFC Global U.S. Small-cap Opportunity35.08%33.82% Ativo Small Dynamic Portfolio27.63%25.00%
Eaton Vance Small-cap Core Equity32.08%30.79% The Boston Small-cap Opportunity27.39%26.16%
Davidson Inv. Small/Midcap28.49%27.91% Lord Abbett & Co. Microcap Value26.88%25.21%
Kennedy Small-cap Growth27.62%26.37% Perritt Capital Mgmt. Smaller Company26.80%26.80%
J&W Seligman Small-cap Value27.60%26.52% MFC Global U.S. Small-cap Opportunity26.46%25.28%
Emerald Small-cap Core26.98%26.98% Emerald Small-cap Core26.23%26.02%
Steinberg Asset Mgmt. Small-cap Value26.55%25.41% David J. Greene Smidcap Value25.80%24.59%
David J. Greene Smidcap Value26.49%25.29% Davidson Inv. Small/Midcap25.56%25.01%
Small-Cap Growth Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Insight Institutional Small-cap Growth56.44%55.36% Driehaus Microcap Growth36.02%35.47%
Driehaus Small-cap Growth53.75%52.69% Insight Institutional Small-cap Growth33.24%32.30%
Driehaus Microcap Growth52.60%50.88% NorthPointe Microcap Growth30.99%29.48%
Columbus Circle Small-cap Equity Growth52.48%21.44% Cupps Capital Small-cap Growth30.02%27.04%
Lord Abbett & Co.Small-cap Growth46.42%45.01% Oberweis Microcap Growth29.23%28.15%
Cupps Capital Small-cap Growth45.77%43.21% NorthPointe Focused Small-cap Growth28.92%27.78%
Lord Abbett & Co. Microcap Growth44.46%42.38% Oberweis Concentrated Smidcap Growth28.44%27.26%
Husic Small-cap Growth Equity41.35%40.03% Essex Inv. Mgmt. Small/Microcap Growth28.16%26.93%
Brazos Small-cap Portfolio40.91%39.71% MindShare Capital Mgmt. Small-cap Growth27.45%25.20%
Gould Small-cap Growth40.80%39.40% Prudential Retirement Small Growth/Essex27.38%n/a
Small-Cap Value Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Transamerica Small Value44.93%43.56% GW Capital Small-cap Value29.72%28.96%
Transamerica Small/Mid Value37.04%35.72% ZPR Fundamental Small-cap Value29.71%27.82%
David J. Greene Small-cap Value26.64%25.45% Schneider Capital Mgmt. Small-cap Value29.01%28.15%
Gabelli Asset Mgmt. Small-cap Val24.92%24.63% WCM Inv. Mgmt. Small-cap Value28.85%27.92%
Fisher Small-cap Value23.64%22.81% Forward Uniplan Microcap Portfolio27.97%26.27%
Prudential Retirement Small-cap/KCF23.03%22.32% Donald Smith & Co. Microcap Value Equity26.29%24.13%
ZPR Fundamental Small-cap Value23.00%21.24% David J. Greene Small-cap Value25.85%n/a
GW Capital Small-cap Value22.23%21.32% Netols Asset Mgmt. Small-cap Value25.69%25.06%
Westwood Mgmt. Small-cap Equity21.77%21.50% Diamond Hill Small-cap Equity25.23%24.35%
Burgundy U.S. Small-cap 21.57%20.43% River Road Small-cap Value Portfolio25.20%24.27%
Specialty Real Estate Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Cohen & Steers AsiaPacific Real Estate Securities39.14%36.87% Cohen & Steers European Real Estate Securities32.42%32.17%
Goldman Sachs Global Property Securities20.57%19.54% Wellington Real Estate Securities27.14%26.23%
Cohen & Steers Global Real Estate Securities16.05%15.51% Security Capital Focus Select26.03%24.50%
AEW Global Property Securities15.13%14.38% Morgan Stanley U.S Real Estate25.93%25.19%
Third Avenue Real Estate Value Equity9.84%8.96% Cohen & Steers Realty Focus25.82%24.47%
Advantus Real Estate Securities9.07%3.90% AEW Focus REIT Strategy25.19%24.61%
Urdang REIT Separate Account8.42%7.87% KRA REIT Separate Account Composite24.64%24.21%
Forward Uniplan REIT Portfolio8.11%5.83% FAF Real Estate Securities24.64%23.74%
Delaware Real Estate Investment Trust7.98%7.20% Advantus Real Estate Securities24.53%22.73%
Morgan Stanley U.S Real Estate7.71%7.14% Security Capital Growth & Income24.50%23.79%
Ultrashort Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Seneca Cash Mgmt. 6.44%6.25% Lotsoff Capital Mgmt. InterCap-Enhanced Cash9.78%2.55%
Prudential Retirement Short-term Bond6.43%6.06% Federated Active Cash Broad FI Composite3.88%3.55%
AmSouth Enhanced Cash5.52%5.27% Western Asset Mgmt. U.S. Enhanced Cash3.51%3.30%
Utendahl Capital Cash Mgmt.5.49%5.36% Seneca Cash Mgmt.3.49%3.29%
Smith Graham Cash Mgmt.5.46%5.31% Shay Ultra Short3.47%3.18%
Smith Graham Enhanced Cash5.41%5.22% Prudential Retirement Short Term Bond3.38%3.31%
Chandler Principal Preservation5.41%5.14% MacKay Shields Enhanced Money Market3.34%3.13%
MacKay Shields Enhanced Money Market5.40%5.19% Goldman Sachs U.S. Enhanced Cash3.24%3.04%
Federated Active Cash Broad FI Composite5.40%4.98% Chandler Principal Preservation3.20%2.94%
Shay Ultra Short5.32%4.98%
World Allocation Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Wellington Real Assets31.93%30.85% Guardian Capital Global Balanced25.16%24.57%
Guardian Capital Global Balanced26.93%26.34% Wellington Opportunistic Investment22.07%20.79%
Wellington Opportunistic Investment25.04%23.73% Mesirow Financial Inv. Mgmt. Currency Overlay21.52%21.46%
AllianceBernstein Global All-Country Blend23.85%23.85% FX Concepts Multistrategy Fund18.05%12.97%
FX Concepts Multistrategy Fund23.26%18.68% Capital Guardian Trust Global Balanced17.94%17.08%
Mesirow Financial Inv. Mgmt. Currency Overlay23.18%22.89% Morgan Stanley Global Tactical Asset Allocation17.45%17.12%
Morgan Stanley Global Tactical Asset Allocation22.00%21.66% GMO Global Balanced Allocation Strategy15.55%15.19%
Capital Guardian Trust Global Balanced18.89%18.02% GAM USA Diversity11.21%n/a
Putnam Total Return15.12%14.25% Goldman Sachs Global Currency5.76%4.35%
GMO Global Balanced Allocation Strategy14.66%14.13% Standish Mellon Euro Select Credit5.45%5.06%
World Bond Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
Capital Guardian Global High Yield Fixed Income18.71%17.71% GMO Emerging Country Debt Strat.21.37%20.63%
Franklin Templeton Global Multisector18.51%16.94% Capital Guardian Global High Yield Fixed Income18.31%17.32%
Franklin Templeton Global Bond Plus16.59%15.22% Stone Harbor Global High Yield14.68%n/a
RiverSource Currency Alpha Absolute Return11.95%10.48% Stone Harbor Global High Yield Comp 70/3014.24%13.72%
GMO Emerging Country Debt Strat.11.88%11.11% Franklin Templeton Global Bond Plus13.87%12.67%
Newton Capital Mgmt. Global FI11.78%11.35% Brandywine Int'l Opportunistic Fixed Income12.87%12.27%
AllianceBernstein Global ex-U.S. Plus FI11.50%10.97% Western Asset Mgmt. Global Multisector12.71%12.30%
Capital Guardian Global Plus FI11.28%10.87% Brandywine Int'l Fixed Income10.45%9.84%
Lazard Global Core-Plus FI11.19%10.40% Evergreen Int'l Bond10.16%n/a
Rogge Int'l Aggregate Unhedged11.08%9.42% Newton Capital Mgmt. Global FI10.06%8.80%
World Stock Funds
ONE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return FIVE-YEAR RETURNSGross returnNet return
John Hsu Capital Global Top-Down Equity61.37%60.54% WHV Int'l Equity35.21%33.90%
WHV Global Equity57.72%56.21% Putnam Int'l Small-cap Core Equity30.87%29.77%
WHV Int'l Equity56.19%54.70% Locke Capital Mgmt. Global Equity29.92%29.44%
Quantitative Advantage All Market51.52%31.27% John Hsu Capital Global Top-Down Equity29.56%28.82%
Ativo Int'l49.62%48.08% Wellington Opportunistic Equity28.16%26.98%
Loomis Sayles Global Growth41.96%41.61% Goldman Sachs Int'l Specialty Equity28.03%26.79%
CALAMOS Int'l Growth Strategy41.00%39.64% Marathon Asset Mgmt. Active Int'l Equity28.03%26.57%
Avera GLO39.40%38.18% Tradewinds Int'l Value Equity27.93%27.06%
Davis Global39.01%37.97% ING Clarion Global Real Estate Securities Strat.27.73%27.20%
Janus Capital Mgmt. Institutional Intl Growth38.85%37.80% RCM Global Small-cap Equity27.72%26.69%
Source: Morningstar Inc.